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Coastware provides robust, business-class applications and professional IT managed services for small and medium businesses within the Gulf Coast communities.

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Software and IT are the major engines driving innovation in many industries today. Let us help you get ahead of the curve.


Software Design & Development

Coastware specializes in providing web-based platforms that allow businesses to expand their reach and enable new possibilities. We use the latest development standards and best practices to complete your project quickly and efficiently.

Custom software development is an investment in your business. We'll help you understand the benefits, mitigate risk and get the maximum value for your budget.

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IT Managed Services

Coastware offers small- and medium-sized businesses a flexible, knowledgeable, and experienced IT partner. Our IT experience and financial background has provided significant savings for our clients.

We deliver savings by eliminating costly bottlenecks within the IT infrastructure while introducing automation and increasing efficiency. We work with our clients to identify and implement new vendors and technologies which drive growth in business leads, revenue, and customer satisfaction. Our promise is to deliver excellence and quality to our clients and their customers.

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Portfolio Highlights

BSI Certification Portal
Breathing Systems Inc.
The BSI Certification Portal is a web platform that allows Breathing Systems Inc. to collect, track and search the status of their equipment from anywhere in the world. Technicians are able to perform inspections on equipment using the portal which makes the data available in real-time. Management is able to print out PDF reports of the inspections, control user access to the portal and can create new forms for Technicians to fill out.


IT Support
Pensacola Humane Society
Coastware provides On-site and Remote support for the Pensacola Humane Society. Our IT services are provided to PHS free of charge to help them in their mission of improving the lives of companion animals in our community.


On-site Support
Remote Support

Our Values

Whether we are designing and building state-of-the-art software, troubleshooting or configuring hardware, or planning your next big technology project, we invest in continued education on industry standards, products, and protocols. We remain alert on new technology, and potential threats and vulnerabilities that can affect your business.