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Premium managed WordPress hosting for businesses of all sizes

Coastware's managed WordPress hosting solution takes care of all your needs regarding your website. We run our services on cutting-edge technology with no compromises on performance and quality.

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These features form the core of our service.

Global Datcenter Availability
Unmatched Speed
Hardened Security
Daily Backups
Enterprise-friendly Pricing
Modern Technology
Fully Managed
Google Cloud Platform
Coastware Delivers
Our clients trust us because of our commitment to excellence
Premium Quality

Your website is likely the first place potential clients and customers will check when comparing you to your competitors. That's why we don't settle for less when it comes to providing the very best experience for all visitors.

Modern Technology

We use state-of-the-art tools and technologies like HTTP2, NGINX, CDNs and Kubernetes to "Wow" your visitors with impressive response times. All this and more is wrapped up in multiple layers of security to keep the your site fast, healthy and available.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing your site is constantly being monitoring by our automated tools and professional staff. With uptime checks, daily backups, automatic scaling, and built-in redundancy, you can be sure that your site never skips a beat.

Like No Other
Our clients love us because of our commitment to their success
Performance Obsession

The very first impression a visitor has of your website is how quickly it can display on their screen. Our architecture is optimized for minimum latency and connection speed to push as many bytes through the network as quickly as possible.

Security Hardening

All plans include security certificate management, firewall filtering, active and passive monitoring, and protection from malicious attempts to take your site offline. All happening in the background without requiring any work from your team.

DDoS Protection

Full daily backups mean you can roll back time in the event of any unintentional changes. Upgrade to 6 hour or even hourly backups for maximum protection and peace of mind.

Google Cloud

Powered by Google's private fiber network with hundreds of points of precense (PoP) across the globe, your visitors will reach your site with minimum latency and network hops.

Fully Managed

We take care of all the configuration, optimization, and patching so you don't have to. Our full-automated system ensures everything is running smoothly 100% of the time.

Josh Lyons
Owner of Joshua Lyons Marketing

Over the past year our hosting experience with Coastware has been fantastic. The hosting is extremely fast and they have proven to be very quick to reply whenever I need help troubleshooting. I am very pleased to recommend Coastware to anyone looking for their services!

Hosting Plans

1 WordPress install
5GB SSD storage
Unlimited Bandwidth*
Free SSL & CDN
2 WordPress installs
10GB SSD storage
Unlimited Bandwidth*
Free SSL & CDN
5 WordPress installs
15GB SSD storage
Unlimited Bandwidth*
Free SSL & CDN
More Plans Available
Up to
100+ WordPress installs
200GB+ SSD storage
Unlimited Bandwidth*
Free SSL & CDN

Included in all plans

Automatic Security Updates
New security vulnerabilities are discovered and patched constantly, not only in WordPress but also in PHP, NGINX and other components of the stack. All plans include automatic security updates to keep your site protected from hacking and other malicious behavior.
Free SSL & Renewal
We use the excellent service provided by Let's Encrypt to offer easy SSL certificate creation and renewal. Our seamless integration with their service means you no longer have to worry about paying extra for security or burden yourself with renewals.
Supercharged CDN
With our integrated Cloudflare CDN support, your website will deliver files to visitors at light-speed from the nearest of over 175 datacenters. All uploads and public content will be automatically cached without any extra effort!
Active Monitoring
Our team uses active monitoring and alerting to notify us of problems before they happen. With constant health checks and uptime pings, we'll know the second something unusual happens and can address it before it ever becomes an issue.
Automatic Scaling
Published a popular blog post? Got linked from social media? With our advanced architecture, your site can handle huge spikes in traffic on-demand while maintaining peak performance - exactly when you need it!
Friendly Pricing
Discounts for paying yearly. No fixed term contracts. No upgrade or downgrade penalty. These are just a few examples of how we make billing headaches a thing of the past.
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